The work of SecurityCar

UAB Baltijos Monitoringo Centras was established in 2003. The company specializes in locating stolen vehicles, using SHERLOG SecurityCar technical means.

UAB Baltijos Monitoringo Centras was established in order to improve the service quality of SHERLOG SecurityCar system, guaranteeing thorough services throughout the whole territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

The goal of the company and its associates is to help to found stolen vehicles. This way decreasing the theft risk of luxury and upper class, as well as average value vehicles.

Since 2007, Baltijos Monitoringo Centras SHERLOG has been collaborating with the Lithuanian Police Department in the fight against car theft and has been actively taking part in the efforts of preventing these crimes. The SHERLOG SecurityCar technological solutions have proved to be highly effective and have been aiding the development of new methods and solutions to fighting crime. Besides all this , Baltijos Monitoringo Centras is working towards improving the prevention of these thefts as well achieving more favorable conditions for those using CASCO insurance.

The infrastructure of SHERLOG SecurityCar and its elements

The main element to the SHERLOG SecurityCar infrastructure is stationary radars, located not only within the Republic of Lithuania, but also Latvia and Estonia, which enables us to effectively provide services across the Baltic States. These radars operate on a famously stable and glitch resistant radio frequency, dedicated to the purpose of vehicle recovery, provided and licensed by the Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority.

The searches are carried out by professional crews formed specifically for the purpose of such – Baltijos Monitoringo Centras and SHERLOG associates vehicles fitted with specialized equipment. Police and other specialized authorities are also utilized in these searches.

When the search is being executed outside of the radar active area, aircrafts fitted with specialized equipment are administered by Baltijos Monitoringo Centras SHERLOG and its international partners. This speeds up the course of an operation and minimizes the use of highly valuable time resources.

Company strategy and principles

The main principle of SHERLOG is to take effective actions in locating the stolen vehicles while ultimately protecting our customers’ privacy. Our long-term experienced staff adhere to our principle of confidentiality and ensure the customers’ right to privacy, which is why actions towards locating a vehicle’s location are only initiated after a customer has confirmed that the vehicle has been stolen and the police has been informed. In order to optimize the effectiveness of a search and get the results faster, the course of the search as well as any information received during it (before the final result) is not shared even with the vehicle owner.

Therefore, no information and / or personal details related to the search process, vehicle location and / or the user of the vehicle will not be provided by the company.

Baltijos Monitoringo Centras adheres to a principle of urgency in all company operations. Aiming at most time efficient actions, careful attention is paid to each second spent on these actions. As soon as a SHERLOG system unit triggers a danger signal or a customer notifies us about a theft of a vehicle, prompt actions are taken without delay.

SHERLOG adheres strictly to a principle of proportionality in all of its operations. This means that each time we organize and proceed towards recovering a stolen vehicle, we choose methods and actions most appropriate to the needs of the particular search within our legal capabilities, while ultimately protecting our customers’ privacy and striving to live up to their expectations.

The company actively collaborates with insurance companies who recognize SecurityCar as one of the most reliable systems on the market in both ensuring the safety of vehicles and preventing theft

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