1. Cookie is a small textual element (made of letters and numerals) that is saved by the website in the computer or mobile device of the visitor.
  2.  In this website cookies are used for technical purposes only (CMSSESSID cookie is for session identification in CMS Made Simple content management system), i. e. with the purpose to ensure smooth activities of the website and proper imaging of its structure and contents.
  3. The information described in this paragraph is not collected or transferred to the third persons and is used during the single visiting session to the website.
  4. In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, such use of cookies does not require prior consent of the data subject.

What cookies do we use:

Cookie ensures system session functionality and forms and does not collect any personal information.

Cookie is intended for realization of functioning of the website.

Cookie protects your settings on a website for a certain period of time that you would not have to change them every time when you visit the website.